Baranovskaya demonstrated the hotel, where he planned a wedding Galkin – view

TV presenter can’t get rid of thoughts of a lost lover.

Барановская показала отель, где планировала свадьбу с Галкиным – мнение

Has repeatedly appeared in the press the yellow header that says covert affair Julia Baranovskaya and Maxim Galkin, who allegedly started Dating behind elderly of Alla Pugacheva.
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Барановская показала отель, где планировала свадьбу с Галкиным – мнение

Avoids Galkina: Baranovskaya decided to be managing a luxury hotel in Italy.

The presenter showed the internal arrangement of the mansion, which celebrated the wedding of Justin Timberlake.

The stars themselves did not react to the presence of such rumors, continuing to enjoy his life. However, alert fans still watching the presenter and her potential lover, analyzing their activities in social networks. Recently Baranovskaya decided to nurture my love of travel, they went back abroad. This time Julia arrived in a luxury hotel in Italy, where the wedding was held on the infamous Justin Timberlake. In Instagram account Baranovskaya immediately began to appear different videos in which the presenter talked about his experiences and showed a variety of attractions.

One of the subscribers Baranovskaya noticed that many videos Julia looked crying because around her eyes could be seen the blurred mascara and wrinkles. Also on one of the videos leading First channel stated that walking around the hotel, she again felt like a Princess. According to fans Baranovskaya, Yulia could not hold back emotions because of the last novel. Supposedly they Galkin, after the divorce with Alla Pugacheva, planned their own wedding – luxurious even by the standards of Hollywood stars. Also fans speculated that Julia’s been here before, walking around the hotel with her lover – that’s when they allegedly took a decision on the venue of the wedding.

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It is not excluded that Galkin is still not away from the head Baranovskaya, which she decided to re-experience those warm emotions, he returned to Italy, where, away from the band they could really feel happy and free.

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