Bari Alibasov family suffered another Woe

Семью Бари Алибасова постигло еще одно горе

Bari Alibasov

Famous Russian musician and producer of the group “on-On” Bari Alibasov woke up for a few minutes, and asked about his cat, and again lost consciousness. As it became known, after the Bar trials the trouble is, his pet is gone, his relatives are still looking for and asking for help. Those who will help you find the fluffy promises a generous reward.

This was told by the son of the producer, write the Russian media.

Семью Бари Алибасова постигло еще одно горе

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He was the cat of breed the canadian Sphynx named Chucha.

While all of the relatives gave a press conference, the cat quietly slipped over the threshold and disappeared. Relatives have not yet told the patient Alibasova another trouble in his family.

Семью Бари Алибасова постигло еще одно горе

We also know that we have announced a reward for him 800 000 or free speech group “on-On”.

What happens with Alibasova

According to Alibasov Jr., currently there are two problems. The first is that the producer has not yet recovered.

Семью Бари Алибасова постигло еще одно горе

“On the one hand, he was not under medication, and comes. In the morning your eyes opened for the first time, had to Wake up, but not awake. In the morning, only croaked “Where’s my cat? All right with the cat?” and is now unconscious still,” he shared details of the musician’s son.

The second problem, which told Alibasov Jr., circular burns of the esophagus in which there is a risk that his father will not be able to eat. This problem is most concerned about the doctors who are trying this problem will be solved.

We will remind, the son of Bari Alibasov told that the producer accidentally drank a toxic liquid.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Bars Alibasov still is in reanimation in a serious condition after poisoning means “Mole”.

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that doctors have diagnosed Bari Alibasova and it does not coincide with what was said earlier.

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