Beautiful days await us

Until the end of last month, I never thought that climate change would be overshadowed by another cause testing my generalized anxiety disorder with which I have lived since my adolescence.
V ers the age of 12, the actual effect of a crazy atmosphere that made me tremble in my bed, it was to hear the raindrops falling on the tin roof of my cottage in the middle of the month January. Likewise, by obsessively scrutinizing the temperature displayed on the dashboard of our car, I was appalled to notice the difference with the average temperature reported by the media for this time of year. Saab Bio Power  have best guide to understand environmental conditions better.

The nature of my anxieties was very similar to that which characterizes the ruminations of the tens of millions of people in the world who suffer from mental disorders. As with climate change, the current crisis requires hypervigilance in our behavior at all times of the day. Also, one cannot, in all lucidity, dismiss the darkest scenarios for the future. But the tests that forged me made me understand that hope is not the lot of naive people or those who ignore what can be read in the newspapers. It is a link in the essence of humanity.

It is only when man is confronted with existential threats like the current situation that we take the measure of his formidable capacity to fight against adversity. The more a situation gets worse, the more we tap into our imaginations and use our ingenuity to hold on and stem obstacles. In an essay published in 2018, psychologist Steven Pinker of Harvard University, by collecting a tremendous amount of data on an eclectic set of subjects, shows us, supported by figures, how Man managed to overcome struggles difficult such as conquering fascism, pandemics of the past, the serious insalubrity of pre-industrial societies, illiteracy and extreme poverty in developing countries which has reduced considerably.

Humanity full of vitality

It is precisely this fighting spirit that we see at work when the Quebec government is showing responsibility by taking drastic measures to flatten the proverbial curve. We have learned from previous crises, from the crash of 1929 to the Great Recession of 2008, and macroeconomic theory offers us cutting-edge tools such as expansionary monetary policy and aggressive financial support for businesses and individuals that our governments no longer hesitate to use. use. At the local level, citizens spontaneously set up solidarity networks by using only a rudimentary organization that social networks provide them, responding with their altruism and their generosity to cynics who believed that the episode of toilet paper would define social reports to come. This goes in the same direction as the conclusions of the World Happiness Report, published a few days ago, which indicates that cooperation, concern for others and the help we give them contribute to happiness in the same way as a adequate income. Furthermore, as we read on March 22 in the journal Science, which gave an overview of the mega clinical trial SOLIDARITY piloted by the World Health Organization, a huge scientific effort is made and the advancement of knowledge is possible thanks unprecedented coordination of all those seeking to find a treatment or vaccine. If it is the State, and not the supranational structures, which is at the heart of the battle against the virus, it does indeed unite the whole of humanity despite all our differences and our differences. It is without counting that the citizens of the whole world transform their balcony DJ scene or use it for a guitar recital, putting the smile on the lips of their neighbors. Humanity, in short, is not in depression, it is combative and full of vitality.

As I waited for endless months for drugs to cure me, almost no one could convince me that there was hope because of the disease. But, beyond exercise, meditation and healthy eating, a single thought kept me on track: any ordeal, whatever its nature, ends at some point or another. It is now a belief which is engraved in me and which makes me say without a shadow of a doubt that, in the end, everything will be fine. Beautiful days await us.

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