Because of the scandal with Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus have lost $ 100 million

Such financial loss to Juventus had not carried since 2006.

Из-за скандала с Криштиану Роналду «Ювентус» потерял 100 миллионов долларов

After Catherine Mayorga has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape, a series of troubles hit not only on the player. His new club suddenly suffered huge losses comparable to 2006, when Juventus for match-fixing, fell to the lower League. But more recently the club’s shares, in connection with the conclusion of the contract with Cristiano, has increased significantly. Besides, Juventus only one brand t-shirt, Ronaldo earned about $ 80 million. But now the owners of the club, the Agnelli family, besides the loss of 100 million, fears of new financial damage. At the photo shoot automaker FIAT among the players on the team showed up Cristiano – he prudently decided not to invite, not to harm the overall reputation.

Ronaldo himself denies the accusations smacked silly by Mayorga and her lawyers, who gave the player a 20 days on payment of 200 thousand dollars, as damages. And this is not the last trouble that befell player of Juventus over the last month. Most likely, in connection with the scandal, he wasn’t called to the national team of Portugal, explaining that it is unimportant functional state. In addition, there occurred a mysterious deletion in the Champions League and not the recognition of his best player in the world at the end of last season.

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