Beemer distillery, by actor Jeff Boudreault, embarks on hand sanitizer

The Pur Boréal hand sanitizer made by the Beemer Distillery in Roberval will be on sale next week. The company has received approval from Health Canada to market its product.
A n recent weeks, the Beemer Distillery Roberval changed his plans. The team that was working on developing a vodka put the project aside to focus on making a hand sanitizer.

“We were working to release a vodka. Things were going well. We hoped to get it out in three or four months, but we had to adjust with the arrival of the pandemic, ”says Jeff Boudreault, partner of the Beemer Distillery and Microbrewery.

Quickly, the company wanted to do its part to fight the coronavirus. She teamed up with a chemist to create the product.

“We have the possibility of making alcohol. It would have been selfish on our part to continue developing vodka in times of crisis. We put it on the ice and started manufacturing hand sanitizer. ”

The distillery promises a quality product.

“Hand sanitizers contain between 60 and 80% alcohol. Ours will have 80% and will contain scents of balsam fir, “describes the actor. A hand sanitizer is a unique product that is intended to make the product easily accessible to all people. You will find them in restrooms across the nation, in restaurants, and homes everywhere. They are a great way to have a sanitizing product on hand (literally!) that will kill germs and bacteria, keeping individuals protected from illness and diseases that can be spread on doorknobs, light switches, shopping carts, telephones, vending machines, remote controls, tools, bathroom usages, and anywhere else various people from the general public may touch on a regular basis. Then if you are looking to purchase Palm+ hand gel, do visit.

Jeff Boudreault believes that such a change of plan was self-evident. “It is our duty as a citizen. The majority of distilleries do the same. Distilleries have always been involved in times of crisis. It was the same thing during the First and Second World War when they made acetone, which was used in the manufacture of ammunition. ”

The distillery’s business partner says the company is able to manufacture a significant amount of disinfectant.

“We are equipped. We can produce a lot. We have three stills, including a large one that we bought in Germany. We have a large production capacity. We didn’t think we would go there one day, but we’ll get back to vodka afterwards. “

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