Better “Reno”: the Expert highly appreciated the opportunities LADA XRay Cross

The expert has tested Russian all terrain hatchback and has shared his impressions of the car.

Лучше «Рено»: Эксперт высоко оценил возможности LADA XRay Cross

LADA XRay Cross was presented in the framework of the Moscow motor show in August 2018. Auto show after the novelty of “AVTOVAZ” appeared in the sale. In based architecture B0 from Renault. The blogger channel the helm I bought a car, traveled on it and told about their experiences.

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Лучше «Рено»: Эксперт высоко оценил возможности LADA XRay Cross

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According to the expert, LADA XRay Cross differs from its fellow Renault adjustable steering wheel hight, other control buttons and puck control modes. Of a car seat have a pronounced lateral support. When driving in the city LADA XRay Cross is very well behaved and excellent cornering ability. According to the blogger, the 1.8-liter motor pulls on my 122 “horses” and the tach during acceleration showed 7,000 rpm motor. When you activate Sport mode the car began to move more quickly.

The blogger noted that the average cost of fuel for LADA XRay Cross in the urban flow of 9.5 litres per 100 km. Avtoekspert praised the new settings in all terrain hatchback, he especially liked the “Sport” mode. Also the car has improved noise insulation and smooth running, which in the cabin no extraneous sounds.

Лучше «Рено»: Эксперт высоко оценил возможности LADA XRay Cross

Hood space LADA XRay Cross, which offers a 1.8-liter gasoline engine performance 122 horsepower, driven manual transmission. The cost of a crossover hatchback starts at 730 000.

Finally, the blogger noted that the LADA XRay Cross is the perfect car for trips in the city. The expert highly appreciated the product and concluded that it is better than Renault.