Big Boobs in the world: scientists have sounded a time of unpredictable changes on the Ground

Большой хаос поглотит мир: ученые озвучили сроки непредсказуемых изменений на Земле

Big Boobs in the world

The melting of ice can cause extreme changes in the weather and cause unpredictable changes in temperature around the world that will lead to climate chaos on the planet

Canadian researchers from McGill University have simulated climate change scenarios based on the current climate policies of States and international organizations, says EurekAlert.

It is assumed that the glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica will shrink that by the year 2100 will result in changes to temperature and circulation flow of water in the oceans.

Большой хаос поглотит мир: ученые озвучили сроки непредсказуемых изменений на Земле

We will remind, the oldest and most durable glacier in the North of Greenland, which scientists believed immutable, began to melt

“Under the current model we are moving towards a warming of 3-4 degrees above pre-industrial levels, causing in the oceans will get a large amount of melt water from Greenland and the ice sheet of Antarctica. In the scenarios this will lead to the disruption of ocean currents and changing temperatures,” said lead author research Professor at the center for the study of Antarctica Nick Golledge.

According to the model, the effect of melting ice will not be uniform – thus, the flow of melt water into the Gulf stream will weaken the current, which will increase the temperature in the Arctic, in Eastern Canada and in Central America, whereas in North-West Europe, on the contrary, colder.

Recall, environmentalists are sounding the alarm: global warming has changed the climate zone.
This process has already started, and it is fast enough. Recent weather anomalies indicate that climate zones are changing. Scientists said that now is the crucial moment – the water in the Barents sea has become too warm, and the climate varies from the Arctic to the Atlantic.

As reported by the portal Znayu scientists are very concerned about the fact that the rate of decay of the Antarctic ice during the period from 1979 to 2017 has increased more than six times

Also Znayu wrote on Earth have discovered a giant dead zones: the first harbingers of the end

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