“Blinded from this that was”: the Blogger “smashed” new UAZ “Pro”

The motorist was very disappointed compact truck.

«Слепили из того, что было»: Блогер «разнёс» новый УАЗ «Профи»

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«Слепили из того, что было»: Блогер «разнёс» новый УАЗ «Профи»

In the video filmed as official KIA dealer drains the oil dear customer

A motorist from Petrozavodsk, has posted a video that shows how employees of the official dealer center KIA merge it expensive oil.

Blogger YouTube channel “got and Went” “smashed” new UAZ “Pro” in its new review. The first expert noted that the frame “Profi” made from very poor quality metal and highlighted weak dvuhmetrovye spring that bends in the opposite direction, if you load the trunk of a ton of cargo (at the stated load capacity of 1.5 tons). The blogger pointed out some flaws in the cabin: after 5 000 kilometers he stopped working Windows and to turn off the heated seats it was necessary several times to knock on the side panel: “Blinded from what it was. The stall, which drove the UAZ and now they go everywhere together!”.

According to experts, the power plant of the truck, represented by a 2.7-liter engine with 150 horses can be quite reliable, despite the obvious obsolescence: “the Motor that is 45 years old banging!”. The driver believes that the vehicle, as a representative of the commercial vehicle segment, simply needed diesel engine: “However, in the Oise believe otherwise. Diesel, according to them, a relic of the past, it is better to put malabaristas motor, which did not really pull.”

«Слепили из того, что было»: Блогер «разнёс» новый УАЗ «Профи»

Also, the blogger has allocated an unsuccessful arrangement of mirrors. They are very comfortable while riding in a straight line, but on twisty road or at sharp bends in them simply can’t see. In addition, clutch and brake pads UAZ “Pro” enough to make a loud noise and creak and the awning is stretched in such a way that after rain or snow, when braking, all that came to the surface of the body is on the hood of the car.