Block 95 a cruel joke on the wife Lutsenko: Zelensky strongly tipped

Квартал 95 жестоко пошутил над женой Луценко: Зеленский сильно перегнул

“Kvartal 95” show command Zelensky in Zhytomyr

In Comedy shows just News “kvartalova” always trying to make fun of events during the week.

Here and in the new issue tapered they are not spared by the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Iryna Lutsenko and his statement in the Verkhovna Rada. She recently censure from the podium spoke. Leading this issue was Valery Zhidkov and Eugene Mishka.

“Tomos, marijuna and gay pride parades, BL*ha-incident with Irina Lutsenko in the Verkhovna Rada and the best fakes on Vladimir Zelensky in the new issue of just News!”, – so signed a new issue of “just News” and published on the Internet.

The audience was outraged by what he saw, although the video has received 60 million hits during the first day. The discontent they expressed in the comments.

Many fans and viewers of the show wrote in the comments under the video that takes “95 Quarter” to make fun of politicians, and that before their humor was higher level, because no one fell to such jokes.

Also, some users wrote comments about what changed their attitude towards television, which produces “Studio Quarter 95” and that for many Ukrainians they died.

Recall that the 95 quarter recorded an emotional “hi” Poroshenko from across the country. Actors four minutes showed the whole situation in Ukraine.

As previously reported Znayu Ukrainians told how smytka life in the case of the election victory of Vladimir Zelensky. According to experts, should he become President, he can significantly reduce the powers. Ukraine at that time can be exclusively parliamentary government, not a parliamentary-Presidencial.

Also Znayu wrote that “Quarter 95” ironically congratulated the star of KVN Sivoho: Carlson, who lives on Poznyaky. Actors Studio “95 Quarter” originally was congratulated by the famous Ukrainian artist Sergey Sivoho happy birthday. In his 50 years, he does not lose sense of humor.

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