Bloody murder has put the zoo on the ears: came future husband

Кровавое убийство поставило зоопарк на уши: приехал будущий муж

In the London zoo as a result of fighting two tigers killed a Sumatran tiger named Melat. 10 days ago in London delivered a male tiger named Azim Danish Safari Park in the hope that he will become a partner for tigress Melat, who has been living here.

Brought tiger a few days kept in a separate enclosure, so he got used to the new place, and then the tigers were introduced to each other, transmits Bi-bi-si.

Кровавое убийство поставило зоопарк на уши: приехал будущий муж

Despite all security measures, once the animals were in conflict, both tigers behave extremely aggressive, and as a result Melt received many wounds. In a statement, the zoo says that Azim was immediately transferred to a separate enclosure. 10-year-old tiger, despite the efforts of veterinarians, rescue failed.

“Our efforts are now focused on caring for the Azim at this difficult time, – reads the statement of the zoo. All the zoo staff terribly upset”.

7-year-old Azim was taken to London zoo in the framework of the European program of reproduction with the aim of preserving endangered species. Welcoming its appearance, the zoo has described it as:

“Good, confident beast known polite attitude towards tigress”.

Кровавое убийство поставило зоопарк на уши: приехал будущий муж

The zoo expressed the hope that it will become the perfect partner for Melat. Another male of the species Sumatran tiger, JJ, who fathered seven cubs, which were born in Malat, January 30 was transferred to a French zoo.

In 2013 Melat gave birth to two cubs, but one of them fell into the pool and drowned. In February 2014 Melat gave birth to three cubs in June 2016 – two more.

Sumatran tiger, which lives in natural conditions in the forests and jungles of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, is considered to be a subspecies on the verge of extinction and listed as endangered species by the International Union for conservation of nature. The tiger habitat on Sumatra is rapidly declining due to the active expansion of human activities. Currently, their population, according to various estimates, has only about 300 individuals. In captivity, these tigers can live up to 20 years.

Facts about Sumatran tigers: Sumatran tiger – the largest of the five tiger subspecies, with the narrow black stripes on the skin of amaterskog tiger Roar can be so loud that it is audible at a distance up to 3.2 km by the bite of a tiger developing such a pressure equivalent to 450 kg Sumatran tiger is able to make jumps up to 10 m in length with the Seating position of the Finds of fossils in China suggest that this was driven tigers are 2 million years ago.

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