Bloomberg: Russia will have its own Amazon, disappears when the sanctions and the irresponsibility of “Mail of Russia”

A well-known portal has collected the information of the Russian and foreign financiers and found out why Russia is still not a worthy competitor to Amazon and Alibaba.

Bloomberg: В России появится свой Amazon, когда исчезнут санкции и безответственность «Почты России»

Experts in the Bloomberg article noted that the main obstacle for the development of Internet-shops in Russia today are foreign sanctions and selfish competition among Russian companies like Yandex or Portals try to keep buyers creating their resources as compare prices in “Yandex” or by collaboration with third-party companies. The investments of foreign partners seem to be unsuccessful, which the same Amazon, Ozon and Alibaba just don’t want to develop your business in Russia.

But experts Bloomberg said about the emerging prospects for the Russian market, even with the existing sanctions. It is expected that in 2023 investment in Russian Internet business will increase to $ 52 billion, which would entail large-scale removal of restrictions on the purchase of some products online and the development of diverse online stores.

A role to play and the disappearance of the irresponsibility of “Mail of Russia”. According to the rating of the universal postal Union, Russia is on the 37th place by the number of completed deliveries, immediately after China, India and Moldova. Many of the assumptions just “lost” in transit, said in the Bloomberg article that make any business associated with the delivery of goods in Russia is unprofitable.

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