Board games: a strategy to survive the crisis

Personalized advice from a distance, home delivery, door-to-door picking: Gatineau game retailers find tips on how to continue to serve their customers, who are now confined to their homes, in a sanitary and responsible manner.
B hile they had to close their doors to the public at the same time that all nonessential businesses, small shops games that are Across the world, Multizone or Ace games continue to operate through trade electronic. Also, online casinos are still operating at this time to serve you so that you can still play your favorite classic casino games, and to let you win big prizes even if you are still at your home.

Some have even been offering, for a few days, additional services that distinguish them from the big online competitors such as Renaud-Bray or Archambault.

Social distancing and confinement have forced people to review the list of daily activities, but board games and puzzles have come back down from family shelves. And lovers of fun activities continue to order.

Closed on March 22, the Worldwide store has not completely stopped its activities. The co-owner of the premises, Chantal McFadden, says that she had to deal with the “voluntary” departures of 12 employees who were worried about the risk of contamination, or whom the new family deal held at home, or “to respect what [the Prime Minister] François Legault asked. ”

But his team, now reduced to seven people, “holds the fort”. To advise people who call without knowing exactly which product is right for them. To prepare the packages. And even deliver them to your home, in the various sectors of Gatineau. “We even tried the car service for two days, but we don’t do it anymore.”

Employees “work in shifts, never at the same time, so as not to take risks,” she specifies; or then, exceptionally, “at a good distance from each other”, and without skimping on the Purell.

Reconfiguring the tasks of certain positions allowed him to “maintain two jobs”, including that of his school delivery boy. The decision to deliver at home, she made “to save a job, not to save money, certainly not because it is profitable,” she said. “I did this out of a sense of obligation,” she says, worried about the future prospects of her business.

For her, this “local service” is also her way of thanking customers who have deliberately chosen “local purchasing”.

Worldwide, being specialized in educational material, the school environment constituted a large part of its turnover. Since the schools closed, its sales figures have dropped 80%, she calculates. “And it will go down, because the people who bought games for me this week will not place orders every week,” says Chantal McFadden.

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