Border controls: nothing exaggerated, replies the prefect Chantal Lamarche

Vallée-de-la-Gatineau MRC prefect, Chantal Lamarche, answers Rideau-Vanier’s advisor, Mathieu Fleury, about the need to set up checkpoints at interprovincial borders: back and forth comes from Ontario residents in rural areas since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis was not overstated.
On Wednesday, Mr. Fleury said that the majority of people in urban areas respect the instructions of the mayors of Gatineau and Ottawa to avoid any non-essential displacement and that the border surveillance measures of the Government of Quebec are “draconian” and unnecessarily create stress for people who always have to go to work.

“I recognize that there are small regions where it may cause other problems, but are these problems big enough to create this dynamic, I don’t think so,” said Mathieu Fleury on the issue of vacationers in the rural Outaouais.

Ms. Lamarche strongly disagrees with the elected representative of the federal capital. She maintains that every weekend for three weeks, the villages of her MRC and neighboring MRCs see an influx of residents disembark in their second home.

After the adoption of the Quebec government’s decree on Wednesday morning, Chantal Lamarche added that several people had to turn back at the Low checkpoint.

“It is important to say, chalet owners are very important to us,” insists the prefect of the MRC of La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. Right now, it’s very important that we protect our residents. We have a very aging population and we do not have health infrastructure to meet the needs if the pandemic hits Haute-Gatineau. ”

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