Borodin congratulated Horodenka birth of a child

Leading herself has not yet commented on their birth.

Бородина поздравила Тороденко с рождением ребенка

Just a couple of days ago it became known that TV presenter Regina todorenko gave birth to a child. But today, instead of the long-awaited post about the new born, the star published a report on the new visitor of its programme under photos Ksenia Borodina celebrity was asked to guess who the next she will be interviewed. However, under the post itself Borodin congratulated Horodenka with the birth of a child, but her ex-leading “eagle and tails” nothing was said, but spoke to the fans on other topics.

Бородина поздравила Тороденко с рождением ребенка

What is the reason for the silence of the presenter we can only guess and wait until Todorenko she writes about his health and the health of your baby. It is worth noting that the star tend to write about the most important events months after they occur. So it was with the pregnancy of the star that Todorenko concealed until the moment when the stomach could not hide no outfit, so was the marriage with Vlad Topalov, the incident, as it became clear in late November, in mid-October.