Boston Dynamics demonstrated the parkour in the performance of the Android Atlas

The robot successfully jumped over a log and in a few jumps climbs at a high level.

Boston Dynamics показала паркур в исполнении андроида Atlas

The American robotics company Boston Dynamics released a new video of its humanoid robot Atlas, which he overcomes the obstacle course of logs and high steps.

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The video was posted on the official Youtube channel of Boston Dynamics. It is noted that the robot successfully jumps on stage with a height of 40 cm with no loss of pace.

Note that user comments on Youtube about the new success of the robot Atlas is divided. While some admire his evolution and see it as the “future of sport”, others fear that robots will soon take away people’s jobs or once did destroy humanity.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on the eve in Kiev, presented a robot named Sophia, which is considered the most reasonable for today robot in the world.

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