Bothersome snoring will not be an issue: the Ukrainians have named the most effective methods

Надоедливый храп больше не будет проблемой: украинцам назвали самые действенные методы

Every third person suffers from annoying snoring of your partner. And it’s not just unpleasant sound, which makes it difficult to fall asleep, and then wakes up all night. This excessive sweating, low libido and frequent awakenings with shortness of breath. This was reported by the portal Vladim.

People who often droplet cannot realize what you are doing. And the prosecution of partner for them is partially understandable. With the aim of helping both to find a way out of the situation, experts have voiced a simple five-minute technique through training which you can permanently stop snoring, which spoils the life of a large part of humanity.

According to the results of the statistics, 70% of people snore. According to Mike Dilks – doctor-otolaryngologist from the London hospitals of St. Ivan and SV. Elizabeth, if you do not treat snoring, it can turn into a terrible problem that is life threatening is sleep apnea. It’s quite serious and this sleep disorder can be fatal, as it people have heart attacks in the night.

It turns out that the snoring has discomfort not only others, but also can be dangerous for the person. Through research, scientists have developed a revolutionary workout tongue and throat that will help to tone up the neck that are responsible for snoring. According to Dilks, this method can not be cured, however, the volume of the snore will certainly mute. The workout consists of three exercises, each created for different parts of the mouth and neck of the tongue, soft palate and bottom of the throat.

Надоедливый храп больше не будет проблемой: украинцам назвали самые действенные методы

First, it is necessary to bend the tongue back so that it was towards the top of the mouth and before you raise it forward, he needs to touch the rear of the upper teeth. Repeat the exercise several times.

The second is to open your mouth as wide as possible and say “ahh” for 20 seconds.

Third, you need to put the language before you take a deep breath and to emit a strong sound, like screeching, and then rinse with air for 30 seconds.

Recall, young women were the leaders in the ranking of snoring.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” two hours a day — the optimal time of use of gadget for kids.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that sleep simply is vital to some people.

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