Bracelets Red TF1 confirmed to be a phenomenon of hearing

Les Bracelets Rouges de TF1 confirment être un phénomène d'audience

The program does a carton every Monday night, but also in replay.

Kepler(s) will not have made the weight. The polar event from France 2, worn by Marc Lavoine, has lost much of its audience when season 2 of the Bracelets Red began, on the 11th of march last, on TF1.

It must be said that the series adapted from the drama the Spanish Polseres vermelles is a small television phenomenon. The fiction of TF1 has brought together for his return in any 5,03 million people (23.3% PDA), in average, for the first two episodes of season 2. In slight decrease compared to season 1 ?

True, but on the other hand, it is in replay that the series has regained a maximum number of viewers! In effect, J+7, these are 1.1 million more people who have seen the first episode (which therefore pass its audience of 6.5 million viewers) and downright 1.3 million viewers for the second episode (5.9 million persons in total). The highest replay for a French series for 2016 !

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