“Break won’t work!”: About the “immortal” Toyota Land Cruiser 200 expert said

“Kruzak” I love the service because they do not break, says the expert.

«Сломать не получится!»: О «бессмертном» Toyota Land Cruiser 200 рассказал эксперт

National expert told about the “immortal” Japanese SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The car is available in the Russian market with only two out of five engines – one petrol and one diesel. Avtoekspert explained why the turbodiesel V8 has deportirovali from 280 to 235 HP specifically for Russia.

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«Сломать не получится!»: О «бессмертном» Toyota Land Cruiser 200 рассказал эксперт

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Russians respect a legendary model, but I think that it is time to radically change.

It is noted that this was done not only for tax appeal, but also to Russian diesel fuel is not “killed” the engine. For this reason, in the Russian version of the diesel “Kruzak” 200 reduced the pressure in the fuel system. Despite all the improvements, the capacity of the SUV is more than enough, and its engine is truly unkillable.

You can find the opinion that the engines of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 are not as reliable as before, special diesel. The expert argues that this view is too categorical and with proper maintenance the turbo 200 000 km is functioning without problems. In combination with this motor operates a reliable 6-speed automatic transmission, which, according to experts, often trying to ditch, and the manufacturer.

It is noted that according to the regulations, to change the transmission oil at all life is not allowed. The expert stressed that if this is not done, the mileage of 200 000 km “Kruzak” start problems with the hydraulic unit. Well, if you maintain the transmission properly, it will “almost eternal”. The expert recommends to change the AFT fluid every 60 000 km, and then the SUV will be “immortal”.

«Сломать не получится!»: О «бессмертном» Toyota Land Cruiser 200 рассказал эксперт

The specialist also noted that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 reliable running gear, brakes and suspension. “I don’t know how you have to be human, so something broke in the suspension of this SUV,” says about the “Kruzak” specialist. What needs to be ready the owner of the Land Cruiser 200 is for frequent replacement of brake pads. Also, the expert advises to pay attention to the frame you want to process, especially in the welds.

LKP “Kruzak” very stable, the first five years with him there will be no problems. Special thanks showroom – quality materials, no plastic, no seats, no signs of wear, almost none. The expert concluded that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 unkillable in all respects: “a True Japanese legend. Break will not work!”.