Breakfast is not needed: nutritionists have debunked the main myth about eating

Завтрак не нужен: диетологи развенчали главный миф о приеме пищи

Most people believe that Breakfast is an incredibly important meal, and skip it in any case impossible. In addition, all the experts unanimously recommended to eat Breakfast since 1917. It is considered that it is good for health and even helps to lose weight.

However, just recently discovered that this is not so, according to Medscape. So, Catherine siewert and her colleagues from the school of public health and preventive medicine Monash University in Melbourne analyzed data from randomized and controlled studies.

Завтрак не нужен: диетологи развенчали главный миф о приеме пищи

It is noted that seven studies examined the effect of Breakfast on weight loss. Ten analyzed the number of how many calories consume those who skip Breakfast and those who eat.

In the end, it was found that those who eat Breakfast, consume 259,79 more calories than those who skip Breakfast. This contradicts the theory that people who do not eat Breakfast consume more calories throughout the day.

The specialists found no significant difference in weight among those who eat Breakfast and those who are not. A study published in the British medical journal.

Завтрак не нужен: диетологи развенчали главный миф о приеме пищи

According to scientists, it is more cautious to recommend Breakfast to people who want to reduce weight. Also need more qualitative research in order to understand the role of Breakfast for weight control.

We will remind, researchers from the University of Michigan say they have discovered a hormone that regulates the burning of fat in the body. In our body there are several hormones that affect obesity.

As reported by the portal Znayu there are various claims about how we need to eat after 18.00 and in General to do it. Today, more and more nutritionists agree that the evening not only possible, but necessary.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the popular Ukrainian nutritionist Svetlana FUS debunked one of the biggest myths about nutrition. Svetlana explained why fasting days not only help to lose weight, but also can harm the body.

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