Brezhnev was stunned by the confession: “I am a Ukrainian singer was not”

Брежнева ошарашила признанием: "Я украинской певицей не была"

Popular singer Vera Brezhneva (dumpling – dev. name), it turns out, does not consider and have never considered themselves Ukrainian artist. She also talked and said that thinking about divorce sister Vicki with Alexander Tsekalo.

She does not understand why ascribe to these geographical origin, if it is in different countries. And being a teenager in General in Russia at the beginning of his career.

About this Faith said in an interview with Russian showman Vyacheslav Manucharov – wrote “Tabloid”.

Presenter noted that the search system “Yandex”, for example on request Vera Brezhneva provides: “Ukrainian singer”.

Брежнева ошарашила признанием: "Я украинской певицей не была"

“I am a Ukrainian singer was, because I was not involved there in a “Song of the year” or something. It so happened that I Ukraine is not perceived by Ukrainian singer. Plus it is believed that in order to be a Ukrainian singer, you have to have songs in the Ukrainian language. I don’t have them”.

Brezhnev recalled where I first performed and when it happened.

“Plus, when I came in “VIA gra”, my first concert was in St. Petersburg. That is, I originally, 16 years ago, started to tour around the CIS and around the world,” added Faith.

Брежнева ошарашила признанием: "Я украинской певицей не была"

By the way, the Faith for several years became the sexiest woman of Russia.

Also Manucharov was unable to avoid the theme of divorce of the younger sister Brezhneva, Victoria with the famous artist and producer Alexander Tsekalo.

Брежнева ошарашила признанием: "Я украинской певицей не была"

To which the singer replied that climbed into the relationship of sisters, but it is not going to be categorical in their judgments. Because, I realized, in life anything can happen.

“If I were younger, I’d be more categorical and said would probably have some words, but I can tell you that in life anything can happen. What is Alexandru and I can tell when you see him. Now we don’t talk to him,” said Brezhnev.

Recall, the divorce Tsekalo began to talk last fall. Recently the press also has information about the fourth wedding of Alexander. Allegedly, 57-year-old producer married to a young model. The wedding was played in a circle of the family in America.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Vera Brezhnev boasted a speech in Russian Surgut and spoke about the upcoming concerts on the territory of the aggressor country.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Vera Brezhnev shared in Instagram joint shot with the 17-year-old daughter Sonia.

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