Broke down the door and sensors: Avtoledi told about the problem of UAZ “Patriot”

Despite the brutality of the SUV UAZ “Patriot”, they are not only men but also women. One of them told me about his experience with domestic “Rover”.

Сломались дверь и парктроник: Автоледи рассказала о проблемном УАЗ «Патриот»

Avtoledi told about the problem UAZ “Patriot”, which broke down the door and sensors. In his new story on YouTube, the woman again complained of breakage in the car, but stands up for her when people call the owner of the SUV to sell it and not to suffer with him. The lady insists that it will be better to repair the minor damage, than sell your car maximum for half the price, and will be no transportation, but she likes to drive at high “the Patriot”.

Specify that the lady driver drives an SUV UAZ “Patriot”, purchased in 2015. The car cost the woman in 820, 000 (auto bought with a discount of 80 000).

In his story the lady said that her UAZ “Patriot” has failed the driver’s door lock, which she could not leave the car. The woman was driving in the car the garbage, and complained that now she was going to make it through the passenger door. When the blogger got out of the car, she tried to open from the outside driver’s door, and it turned out that she was very happy and she said that at least she won’t have to climb back in the car through the passenger seat.

Сломались дверь и парктроник: Автоледи рассказала о проблемном УАЗ «Патриот»

The blogger also complained of broken rear Parking sensors. One of the spectators decided that the problem is in the ice that forms on the sensors and advised the lady to clean off the ice, but the woman said that it makes no sense, because the problem with the Parking assistant in her car with the summer. The blogger showed how to include a reverse gear to start reversing. Behind the car there are no obstacles, but the system includes the “contrary to the alarm”, which turns off only when the car starts to move forward. Avtoledi concluded that “petty breakdown for the Patriot is quite common”.

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