Broken in the accident, the spine is 17-year-old racer of Fliers told about the health

The girl was unable to cope with the management of the car during the competition “Formula-3” in Macau, China and flew at high speed over the track.

Поломавшая в аварии позвоночник 17-летняя гонщица Флерш рассказала о самочувствии


There her car collided with metal. In the end, 17-year-old racer from Germany Sophia Fliers broke the spine and the athlete, two photographers, and Marshall received injuries of varying complexity. The victims immediately after the incident was sent to the clinic. There they were assisted and Sophia Fliers told about his health after the incident. The girl said that does not feel much pain, but tomorrow she will need to undergo a complicated operation. Usually a spinal injury end up with a disability. As a rule, such problems remain obezdwijivanie for life. Racer Sophia Flers thanked the company Mercedes, the FIA and HWA for the support.

The Grand Prix in Macau is a famous competition. It differs from other races by the fact that there can be not only athletes of “Formula 3”, and motorcyclists. Fliers promised to inform subscribers in social networks about their health after surgery. The accident with the young racer posted it on YouTube.