Bronchitis, tracheitis, and pneumonia: how to distinguish dangerous illness on the cough

Бронхит, трахеит и пневмония: как различить опасные болезни по кашлю

Cough is a common complaint that occurs with many respiratory diseases. A cough develops differently when tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia, so it is important to understand the features of clinical symptoms.

Tracheitis is an inflammation of the trachea. Timely diagnosis and treatment of tracheitis will allow you to avoid common pathological process the following structures of the respiratory system (bronchi, lungs). For diagnosis it is important to assess the characteristics of the cough, and to conduct an objective examination.

Бронхит, трахеит и пневмония: как различить опасные болезни по кашлю

Features of the cough in tracheitis:

• Paroxysmal nature of the cough.

• Dry cough.

• The appearance of thick mucoid sputum.

• Pain behind the breastbone at the height of the attack.

• Cough, accompanied by subfebrile temperature.

Bronchitis is also an inflammatory disease. When it affects the mucosa and the wall of the bronchi. Bronchitis often occurs on the background of acute respiratory disease.

In the beginning of the disease cough is dry. Patients note worsening of symptoms at night. Hacking cough, accompanied by expectoration of sputum. Mucous expectoration, rarely mucopurulent. 2-3 since the emergence of the first signs of bronchitis, the cough becomes softer.

Бронхит, трахеит и пневмония: как различить опасные болезни по кашлю

It is important to note that in addition to cough, the patients report at:

• Increase in body temperature.

• Rhinitis, nasal congestion.

• Pronounced weakness.

• Pain in the chest and abdominal muscles.

Pneumonia is a dangerous disease. It is accompanied by pneumonia. Pneumonia often develops on the background of bacterial infections. It requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.

In pneumonia the cough is accompanied by expectoration of mucous sputum. Also, patients present fever, increased body temperature and developing excessive sweating. By visual inspection is determined by cyanosis of nasolabial triangle.

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