Brother Kim Jong-UN secretly “worked” for the CIA: there is evidence

Брат Ким Чен Ына тайно "подрабатывал" на ЦРУ: появились доказательства

Half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, Kim Jong Nam, who was killed in 2017, was a CIA asset.

This became known thanks to the material The Wall Street Journal.

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The interlocutor of the edition told that between Kim Jong Nam and the CIA had a connection and he met several times with representatives of the intelligence Agency.

Брат Ким Чен Ына тайно "подрабатывал" на ЦРУ: появились доказательства

Kim Jong-Nam

At the same time, several former senior us officials noted that Kim Jong Nam was unlikely to share intelligence secrets of Pyongyang, as for many years he lived outside North Korea and had no power in the DPRK.

It is also reported that the brother of North Korean leader lived mostly in the special administrative region of China, Macau and likely to communicate foreign intelligence services, especially the Chinese.

We will remind, Kim Jong-UN allowed the official to feed the piranhas: the brutal execution shocked the world.

As reported Znayu Kim Jong-UN has executed five top officials from trump.

Znayu wrote, Maduro, the United States declared war over the “Holy land”: the army in full combat readiness.

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