Bumper instead fillings: are dentists to treat the teeth new

Бампер вместо пломбы: стоматологи будут лечить зубы по-новому

A group of experts from the University of health and science of Oregon has created a new seal of the same material that car bumpers.

The researchers presented a formula using thiocarbamates, also widely used in protective coatings for vehicles, writes Daily Mail.

They argue that plombe of this material twice the strength of standard, which are often destroyed within a decade.

Бампер вместо пломбы: стоматологи будут лечить зубы по-новому

The development of caries

Experts believe that this material will reduce the need for repeated visits to the dentist.

“Today’s fillings are usually designed for seven to ten years,” says the study’s author of Karmen Pfeiffer.

Current fillings have cracks in the chewing process, causing bacteria to leak inside and obrazovyvajut new cavity.

Every time this happens, the tooth becomes weaker and weaker.

And that starts with a small cavity, can cause damage to the root canal, tooth loss, or even life-threatening infections.

“More durable dental materials enable to save patients from having to repair or replace the seals almost as often” — the expert adds

The research team also claims to have created the glue, which is 30 % stronger even after six months of use.

The glue contains a specific type of polymer called methacrylamide, which is much more resistant to water, bacteria and enzymes in your mouth.

Бампер вместо пломбы: стоматологи будут лечить зубы по-новому


It should be noted that all known amalgam fillings silver color, used for over a century, contain a mixture of silver, copper, tin and zinc, and mercury.

Small amounts of mercury are released from amalgam after a while and then get into the blood and organs, including the brain.

But the average impact is only about 10 mg — far below toxic levels.

However, the process of drilling of the seals leads to the formation of vapour with a high concentration of mercury.

This leads to the fact that the mercury level in the blood is much higher. Removal and replacement of the seal can also lead to further damage of the tooth.

Thus, the experts agree that just leave amalgam fillings alone is safer than delete them.

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Recall that like a hole in the tooth can lead to a quick death.

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