Burns in infrared light: why doctors imagers

Ожоги в инфракрасном свете: зачем врачам тепловизоры

Scientists have proposed a thermal method of diagnosis of burns.

Researchers at the medical faculty of McGill University in collaboration with the Autonomous University of San Luis proposed the use of digital infrared thermography blisters and wounds resulting from high temperatures, says PLOS ONE.

According to scientists, this method is painless, fast and requires no training.

Ожоги в инфракрасном свете: зачем врачам тепловизоры

Degrees of burns

“Digital infrared thermography allows us to visualize the heat generated by the objects,” explains Dr. Jose Luis Ramirez Garcia Luna (José Luis Ramírez García Luna).

Researchers have created a method by which the treatment of a patient with extensive burns of the extremities will be based on the thermal characteristics of the initial lesion.

To do this, scientists have used thermal imaging camera, which detects the difference of burns and healthy skin.

Using a machine learning technique, doctors have created a prediction model to categorize treatment based on clinical data and thermograms to find that the temperature difference between healthy skin and wound enough to make the forecast.

It is established that the prediction accuracy of their algorithm is 90 %.

Ожоги в инфракрасном свете: зачем врачам тепловизоры

Healing phase of burns

“We believe that our method may become a useful tool for the early assessment of patients in the emergency Department, as well as at later stages of assisting patients to identify dead tissue, separation of partial and full burns, and identification of complications, such as infection or lack of blood flow,” says Dr. Ramirez Garcia Luna.

Currently, researchers are conducting a randomized study to test their method in other cases.

Recall that betulin contained in the birch bark, accelerates the healing of wounds and burns.

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