“Busted!”: Buzova lied to my sister to hide from her lover.

Users are convinced that Olga is not sincere to the end, even with Anna.

«Спалилась!»: Бузова наврала сестре, чтобы спрятать от нее любовника – соцсети


On the eve of Anna Buzova has posted on his page in Instagram the publication, which talked a lot about the need for human sincerity and all connected with it, however, is not being entirely truthful with her can be her own sister. At least, so it seems the users of social networks, looking storis leading the singing, came to the conclusion that she had a secret lover.

Given how high the degree of attention to the person of Olga Buzova, it is not surprising that she is trying to hide from the public the identity of the person who was able to win the heart. But this time, Olga decided to go even further, hiding the truth even from his own sister, Anna.

The hint that the public received, after seeing the recent stories Buzova, where she meets younger sister on the threshold of his apartment. Anna confessed that he had brought the sister of coffee from the other end of Moscow, but arriving at the house rodstvennicy, Buzova, Jr. was waiting for the unresponsive intercom, because to get to the apartment leading to singing it for a long time could not. Buzova on the threshold sincerely apologizes and says that supposedly “didn’t hear the intercom”, “it’s not working” and all such excuses.

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Busted! Lover hides from his sister #his #storiesboy #Vladim

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This is what has convinced users in the theory that Olga, in fact, was hiding with her lover. Most likely, simply escorted him from the apartment. When he left the house, we were allowed into the house of his beloved sister. Slept Olga, of course, not in front of Anna, but before his huge audience that is convinced that the sister of a celebrity, blatantly lying.