“But not alone”: a child Buzova will be other parents – Fans

This is the only chance for her not to grow old without a child.

«Зато не одиночество»: У ребенка Бузовой будут другие родители – Фанаты

Few young people used to live here and now, thinking about how they will spend their old age. It is not even about the proverbial “glass of water”, it can bring and the servants, it is about love, support, dedication that can give the person only his children. Due to the fact that more than thirty years, Olga Buzova, apparently, wasn’t even pregnant, her fans are seriously worried about its future. Even if there was no good and the man that can give birth to and raise a child, even physiologically not able to get pregnant – the news is always there are children’s homes, write followers Buzova under her photo. Fans stars fully admit a variant in which the children of a singer other biological parents.

Itself Buzova said many times that he wants the child, it is her longtime dream to fall to the ground. Together with this the mother of the singer is very sensitive to questions about pregnancy of the eldest daughter, like a very sore subject in their family. In any event, fans believe that His will be a good mother, and I do not advise long to delay the decision about the children.