Buzova any price is going to be a mom to 35 years old

If by this time the artist will not find a suitable life partner, then take the child from the orphanage and give him a decent life.

Бузова любой ценой собирается стать мамой до 35 лет

Olga Buzova any price is going to be a mom to 35, that is, she left just three years in search of its second half. In case of failure, it intends to adopt or to adopt someone else’s child. Buzova assures fans that if she bears an heir, it will not disappear from TV screens. Leading wants to continue to actively act in various shows and performing at concerts. Buzova I’m sure after the baby it will become more purposeful and full of energy.

Some fans supported the idea of the artist to have an heir. Others say if Buzova not yet ready to be responsible for another person’s life, because they are too selfish and only thinks about fame and money. Haters remind you that popularity implies constant communication in secular circles, and children require attention, therefore, to combine the mainstream activities and life is almost impossible. Critics doubt that His will be a good mother.

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