Buzova failed to conquer America

The star of the show “Dom-2” has canceled scheduled for November 29, the concert the restaurant in Miami in the USA, because tickets for the event purchased only seven people.

Бузовой не удалось покорить Америку


Olga Buzova failed to conquer America and overseas to present to the public its program “the sounds of kissing.” The cost for the concert artist was 65-150 dollars. It is relatively small for overseas residents. Even a small price of permits for the event forced the Americans to spend personal time reviewing creativity voiceless Buzova. In Miami its activities did not attract people. But in Russia Buzova became a real pop star.

It’s going down well in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities. Buzova is a frequent contributor to Instagram with videos of their own concerts, advises subscribers not to waste time and catch your luck today and not live for tomorrow. The artist works according to this principle, and tries to achieve glory in every way possible right now. Buzova previously talked about wanting to play in a serious movie with a complex plot and psychological scenes.