Buzova made fun of for trying to decide the fate of Petersburg from Moscow

A new publication of the star in Instagram caused a flurry of criticism and outrage.

Бузову высмеяли за попытки решать судьбу Петербурга из Москвы


Buzova appealed to followers on Instagram and talked about the fact that she supports the name change of the airport of Pulkovo. The presenter recalled that this can be done up to 30 November on the official website of the project “Great names of Russia”. She herself admitted that she is impressed with the name of Pushkin for the future name of the air port, but the citizens can choose the names of Alexander Nevsky and Peter the Great.

At the same time she Buzova stated everything in such a way if feels like the current politician. It is almost immediately ridiculed and began to say that her attempts to decide the fate of Petersburg from Moscow look at least ridiculous.

Repeatedly appeared rumors about the fact that His marks in politics following the example of colleagues from the “House-2” Xenia Sobchak. However, every time it comes down to it, it shows that you simply are not able to do anything worthwhile on this basis. As a result, everything ends with “cry” in the vast social network.

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