Buzova showed photos with the most important person in his life: “I always feel like a little girl”

Бузова показала фото с самым главным человеком своей жизни: "Рядом всегда чувствую себя маленькой девочкой"

One of the most scandalous singers of the Russian show-business, leading project “Dom-2” Olga Buzova showed my mom, who came to support her, reports replyua.net.

As previously reported by the celebrity herself, she was very sick and in the moment to be under careful supervision of doctors and also following bed rest. On hearing this, her mother came to the rescue.

Бузова показала фото с самым главным человеком своей жизни: "Рядом всегда чувствую себя маленькой девочкой"

“Maalik came to cuddle, so I want to protect parents from unnecessary anxiety, but they find out anyway, and worry. Next to mommy always feel like a little girl,” he signed the Olga Buzova.

Note, many fans have supported her in the comments, sending good words. And some have wrapped it in that she is guilty that her mother worried.

“Don’t cry, dear, everything will be fine, no pain”, “If you want to protect parents from bad news, you need less to put in the stories live with inhaler and all sorts of medicine”, “Speedy recovery!”, “A speedy recovery… well, not practiee, are You????!!! Many more days ahead. Add grated ginger to your tea”.

We will remind, Olga Buzova fried itself on the Islands.

This time, Olga decided to show his many fans, photo posing by the water. Judging by geolocation Olga Buzova is now in the Seychelles, where the hot summer and publishes photos as the Islands heat.

Previously portal “Know.news Agency” reported that the younger Buzova starred in a shampoo.

“To achieve the dream, you must believe in yourself. Especially when there are so many critics. No matter how stunning or was your image, all the glitter will fade, if not to support it with your inner radiance and confidence. So I’m very close to the philosophy of Head&Shoulders, built around confidence,” wrote Olga in the caption to the video.

The Portal “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Buzova shocked by the result of plastic surgery.

If you compare the pictures of a young Olga with her today, it immediately becomes clear that Buzova not just grew up and became a real woman but also fundamentally changed the features of his face, resorting to the services of plastic surgery.

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