Buzova will make nice 15 followers: guess what she’s up to

Бузова сделает приятно 15 подписчикам: угадайте, что она задумала

Olga Buzova

The scandalous Russian singer, TV presenter and more recently entrepreneur Olga Buzova strongly loves to attract attention and to shock the audience successfully makes on his page in Instagram. This time, Olga decided to show his many fans a photo on which poses in a snowy street with balloons in his hands.

The photo that appeared in the account Buzova, she appeared on the review of the public in simple, practical clothes. For a photo shoot on a snowy Parking Olya Buzova wearing a Burgundy sweater with the print of lips, leather skins and the same maroon jacket. Hair of the singer disbanded, and on her face a light makeup. In the hands of the artist holding two balloons in the form of figures 1 and 5. Thus Buzova boasted that she has 15 million followers on Instagram.

In honor of this event, the singer decided to fulfill the dreams of their followers. For this Buzova announced the contest – she invited fans to write their dreams in the comments below this photo. Then she will choose 15 original ideas and implement them.

“15.000.000 my people that make me happy. Thank you to everyone who has been so long since me, supports me, is going through, inspires and rejoices to my successes. #molytisidae. For several days I think how to celebrate and to thank you. And decided to do 15 random even happier my followers, fulfilling your most cherished dreams! Under this post write about their most secret desires, the most unusual I will do! This can be anything from meeting with me to any of your whim. About every fulfilled desire will definitely write here, so we can be happy for the lucky ones. I love you,” wrote Olga.

Of course, this publication does not remain without attention of fans Buzova. Followers began to dream and write your dream in the comments to the photo.

We will remind, Buzova in the Maldives follows the exploits Volochkova.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Buzova showed tanned buns at a ski resort.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that His was stolen the main feature Volochkova, and it’s not twine.

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