Camera Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was the best in the world, competitors are left behind

Камера Samsung Galaxy S10 5G оказалась лучшей в мире: конкуренты остались позади

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The company DxOMark testing cameras and lenses, including camera modern smartphones, has published the test results of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Recall that the device did not appear immediately, and just this week. Previous versions appeared in stores at the end of February 2019.

Камера Samsung Galaxy S10 5G оказалась лучшей в мире: конкуренты остались позади

Galaxy S10 5G was able to share the first place with Huawei P30 Pro rating of the main chambers of typing the same 112 points, confidently ahead of competitors and become number one in the top front of the cameras, scoring 97 points. In addition, S10 5G Galaxy set a record — the first smartphone that received in DxOMark as much as 100 points for the video. Surprisingly, the company was able to surprise the user by presenting a really powerful smartphone on all counts. However, its price is shocking for ordinary users.

Камера Samsung Galaxy S10 5G оказалась лучшей в мире: конкуренты остались позади

If we consider only photography main camera, the results are somewhat behind the Huawei P30 Pro — 117 vs 119 points. Video for Huawei P30 Pro scored only 97 points. one of the advantages marked with accurate white balance and color reproduction in most conditions, good dynamic range, fast, precise and stable auto-focus, good results when shooting with flash. Let’s see what this time will show Apple after the launch of the iPhone.

Recall that Google is ready to release a budget version of the smartphone Pixel 3a, the price of which will surprise the audience. The company even named the exact release date, which falls on 7 may. However, the novelty we have almost all know, because the search engine doesn’t know how to keep secrets. As for prices, the device will ask for about $ 500, which is quite a nice price.

Earlier Znayu reported, Musk raised the price of Tesla cars. However, Musk has tried to make excuses for the bad news. It is noted that prices will rise on 1 may 2019, so it is time to buy a car at a better price.

Znayu wrote that iPhone SE 2, the output of which is expecting millions of fans, will appear on the shelves. It is reported that the company is already working to develop this model, and its appearance will remind SE that appeared on the shelves in 2016. However, the device will ask for about $ 700, but the device will get all modern chips smartphone from Apple.

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