Canada Goose to manufacture medical equipment for workers and patients

Canada Goose is modifying its facilities to start manufacturing medical equipment for healthcare workers and patients across the country to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
The company, best known for its luxury parkas, announced on Wednesday that it will begin manufacturing doctors’ outfits and shirts for patients, and plans to distribute them to hospitals starting the week. next.

Equipment will be provided to local hospitals at no cost.

Across the country, companies have mobilized to change their focus and reorganize to produce some of the supplies that healthcare professionals need when faced with the new coronavirus.

Canada Goose has announced that it will produce the clothing in two of its manufacturing plants, starting with those in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Production is expected to start early next week, with approximately 50 employees per facility, and the initial target will be 10,000 units.

“The time has come to put our manufacturing resources and capabilities at the service of the best interest,” Canada Goose chief executive Dani Reiss said in a statement.

“Our employees are ready, motivated and able to help, and that is what we do. It’s the Canadian thing to do. ”

Company in this dispatch: (TSX: GOOS)

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