Canceled flights: class action claim against five air carriers

The five largest Canadian air carriers are the subject of a class action request because of their refusal to reimburse travelers for flights canceled due to the pandemic. A motion before the courts in addition to the one already filed in Montreal against Air Transat and Air Canada.
D are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Canadians, could be covered by this collective action application filed last week in federal court in the place of Swoop companies, WestJet, Air Canada, Air Transat and Sunwing.

The purpose of the recourse is to represent any person who bought before March 11, 2020 a ticket for a flight planned from March 13, 2020 canceled due to COVID-19. These customers must not have been reimbursed by the air carrier. This therefore includes travelers who have obtained a “travel credit” for a future flight instead of getting their money back.

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