Carol showed herself without makeup: the judge of “the voice of the country” have been getting compliments

Кароль показала себя без косметики: судью "Голос країни" засыпали комплиментами

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol is closely following the fashion trends and is actively engaged in social media, which regularly posts new photos and videos from concerts and other events. Users are always warmly perceive all publications, so the pictures on the official website of the singer in Instagram, there are more that should please her fans. And recently, the network appeared a photo of Carol without makeup.

Photos 34-year-old actress posted on her fan page on the social network Instagram.

Tina is wearing a white svert own brand TNKRL and pants of the same color. The way she added white sneakers. The photo shows that she is in the recording Studio. While Tina is showing her something on the mobile phone screen to another by David Axelrod (real name – Vladimir Tkachenko).

Кароль показала себя без косметики: судью "Голос країни" засыпали комплиментами

Fans showered the singer with compliments. “Tinochka, you’re beautiful”, “You are very beautiful and not made up”, “the bead”, – they wrote in the review record.

The following publication also shows that Karol looks good without makeup.

Кароль показала себя без косметики: судью "Голос країни" засыпали комплиментами

It should be noted that the network rumor is that Dan has a thing for Carol. In a recent interview with Katya Osadchaya Balan told about what is really going on between him and Tina.

“This is all real, my actions, emotions and gestures, I just can’t tune to play, especially with such genuine feelings. It’s not for show as you might think to boost ratings. If you do not know, we sit from the morning until late at night in the judges ‘ chairs and sometimes gets really boring, but in front of a beauty forget about everything. Tina is the most interesting on the set with all “, – the singer admitted.

Recall that Karol conquered all with a new video, the focus is not to song.

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