Caviar graced the Apple Watch 4 different types of “caviar”

Officers of the Russian flagship brand decided to make buyers a new year’s gift.

Caviar украсила Apple Watch 4 разными сортами «икры»


The company Caviar decorated smart watch Apple Watch 4 different types of “caviar” – rubies and diamonds in black, white, red. The representatives of the brand left a comment about the jewelry, “smart” gadget. They said that Caviar is literally translated in Russian language as “caviar”. The leaders decided to make a present to potential buyers in the form of jewels on the device. They called it “caviar” and suggest all the “foodies” to buy a quality product. Staff brand Caviar, said that the Russian always celebrated in a big way various holidays, so offer them luxury products.

To buy Apple Watch 4, diamond-encrusted, at a price of two and a half million rubles and above. In addition to these novelties, Caviar recreated using the maximum popular designs of previous models of smart hours from Apple Corporation. The brand has dedicated the collection to the Empress Catherine the great. Caviar coated device with jewels.