Channing Tatum confirmed the affair with singer Jessie j

The star of the film “Macho and nerdy” is a longtime fan of the singer.

Ченнинг Татум подтвердил роман с певицей Джесси Джей


Channing Tatum is an eligible bachelor. His previous relationship with jenna Dawn stopped in April this year, but the place next to the actor vacant for long. Supervisory paparazzi several times “caught” the famous singer Jessie j, which gave them reason to suspect the stars in the novel. It turned out that they guessed.

Channing Tatum personally confirmed his affair with the girl, adding that he admires her work. Then it turned out that his admiration is mutual. Jesse is too crazy and the actor, and his acting talent. They recently attended events to each other – Channing visited the concert of Jessie in “albert Hall”, wrote in his microblog. Performance friends called it a storm of emotions. A return visit to miss Jay arrived at his show of Magic Mike Live in London casino Hippodrome in London. She wrote that such an event cannot miss.

38-year-old actor is committed to be with Jessie all the free time, and accompanies her not only to travel in the US but travels with her to the UK. Friends Channing and his lover claim that the actor tries to surround the friend with care and love.

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