Charles Dance, star of Game of Thrones, joined the cast of the prequel of Kingsman

Charles Dance, star de Game of Thrones, rejoint le casting du prequel de Kingsman

The interpreter of Tywin Lannister in the series, HBO will play alongside Harris Dickinson and Ralph Fiennes.

The cast of the prequel of Kingsman, directed by Matthew Vaughn, is continuing to grow. The british actor Charles Dance, who is experiencing a resurgence in popularity since its passage in the series Game of Thrones, joined Harris Dickinson (Darkest Minds : Rebellion) and Ralph Fiennes (saga Harry Potter, Schindler’s List, The English Patient) to the cast, reports the website Collider.

The prequel of Kingsman will be a “historical drama”

The prequel of Kingsman is advertised as a mixture of film action, espionage, and historical drama. It will be shot at the same time to Kingsman 3, in which one finds Taron Egerton and Colin Firth.