“Check your Priority”, the network warned about the defect of the body LADA Priora

Russian motorists drew attention to the gaps between the main headlight and the body in popular domestic models and told other drivers taking off on a car with a defect on the video.

«Проверь свою Приору»: В сети предупредили о дефекте кузова LADA Priora

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«Проверь свою Приору»: В сети предупредили о дефекте кузова LADA Priora

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In the Internet appeared the video, which shows that the LADA Priora is a large gap between the head optics and body parts, and it increases when the driver turns the wheel to the right, and decreases when turning left.

In the description of the video the author of the video said that the car is not “rotten”, spars and glasses he has not painted a sealant on the seams – the factory. Thus, at first glance, to suspect the machine in the case of a defect of the body for no reason.

“Check your Priora”, – advised the owner to other owners of this model.

We will remind, in July of current year has stopped the production of sedan LADA Priora, which stood on the conveyor in 2007. At the time the model was offered in hatchback and wagon, and even a coupe. Until recently released a 4-door “priors” with 1.6 HP motors with two power options: 87 and 106 HP, the car’s price Tag started from 424 900 rubles.