Chicken flock have left a wet spot from the night thieves: pecked to death

Куриная стая не оставила мокрого места от ночного воришки: заклевали до смерти

Red Fox that broke into curatat, in the hope of profiting the chicken was nibbled to death by a flock of furious birds.

A bizarre incident occurred at one of the farm honestly in the French town of Pontivy, writes the Daily Star.

According to the owners, the Fox sneaked into the chicken coop, which contained 3,000 birds, notably to lunch, but suddenly trapped. Automatic door through which the animal entered at the “dinner party” was closed. However, instead of a lavish party the Fox caught a horrible death being nibbled to death by hundreds of beaks.

Куриная стая не оставила мокрого места от ночного воришки: заклевали до смерти

Chicken flock

The dead body of Fox was discovered by the owners of the farm the next morning in the corner of the house. According to them, the result of Fox attacks no chicken was hurt.

As explained by the head of the farm, Pascal Daniel, sometimes chickens can be organized in the aggressive group. Especially when it comes to protecting offspring.

Mr. Daniel added that the Chicks are living at this facility since July of last year and have learned to protect their territory.

“On a gregarious instinct, and they pecked her to death. Chicken can be pretty desperate when they are in packs”,” — says Daniel.

The surface examination of the body of the Fox showed no signs of the disease, it was a young animal, perhaps five or six months of age, only about 60 centimetres in length.

According to a local naturalist, the animal may have been injured or he’s not hatlo experience of hunting for chickens.

Meanwhile, America needs the rich experience of the canadian wolves. Last week in Michigan, he was “landing” a group of canadian wolves.

Куриная стая не оставила мокрого места от ночного воришки: заклевали до смерти

The wolves landed on the island of Isle Royale

The specialists of the Ministry of natural resources and forestry Ontario caught four wolves and transferred to the national Park on the island of Isle Royale.

Wild animals entrusted with two important tasks — hunting moose and continuation of progeny.

The wolf troopers “landed” in the framework of a joint project with the U.S. national Park Service to restore healthy populations of the iconic predators in the chain of Islands after years of decline.

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