“Chicken little” is recognized as the worst movie in the history of Disney

The best of the Studio’s work portal Collider called “Pinocchio” released in 1940.

«Цыпленок Цыпа» признали худшим мультиком в истории Disney

The information portal Collider called the best and the worst cartoons in history by the legendary Disney studios. So, the worst cartoon recognized “Chick Chicks”, released in 2005 for what he supposedly empty plot according to critics of the publication. In fact, this animated work was created for family viewing, and got a pretty big success at the movie theaters – at a cost of $ 150 million of it in 2005, has collected U.S. $ 314 million.

However, the portal was named the best animation Studio “Pinocchio” released in 1940. This is the filmed works of the writer Carlo Collodi was awarded two awards “Oscar”. In 1993, Disney showed the world the restored version of the cartoon, after which it was allowed to be shown in different countries around the world, including in Russia. “Oscars” “Pinocchio” received for best song “When You Wish Upon a Star” and best soundtrack.