China has completed its part of the bridge across the Amur river

Citizens of China have started construction of railway crossing across the Amur river in the winter of 2014. Now they have completed their work. Information about this event to spread the Chinese media.

Китай достроил свою часть моста через Амур

China completed its part of the bridge across the Amur river with a length of 1886 meters, and Russia continues work. The construction of the crossing from the Russian Federation in the Annunciation area started in 2016. This bridge is referred to as an important strategic target, as it may revive the trade between the two countries and to increase the number of travelers crossing the border of China and Russia. Experts call the process of construction of the crossing across the Amur river is very complex because it involves two States. Each power is its own plans and they conceived not coincide with the decisions of the partners.

The Russian government has ordered responsible for carrying out the construction of the bridge ministries to monitor the process. The connection of the two parts of the terminal is scheduled for autumn this year.

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