China started a two-week booze: celebrating the year of the pig

В Китае начался двухнедельный запой: празднуют год свиньи

In China, February 5 at 23:03 Kyiv time will come will celebrate 4717 New year. For this country it will be marked by Yellow earth Pig.

For the Chinese the fun will continue for 15 days. To work people will return only after two weeks, February 20, reports UNIAN.

В Китае начался двухнедельный запой: празднуют год свиньи

“In China, this holiday signifies the arrival of spring, awakening of nature and beginning of sowing works. The traditional color of celebration – red, symbolizing protection and fight against evil forces. Therefore, the Chinese on this day dress up in red clothes and decorate with this color at home”, – stated in the message.

The most important attribute of the Chinese New year, which distinguishes it from the celebrations in other Nations is a dragon. This mythical creature symbolizes peace and protection from all evil.

“On the last day of the celebration of the custom to light red lanterns and have a family feast. On this day there should be prosperity, because the Pig likes to eat well. But most importantly this day is a good mood and positive thoughts,” he said.

Recall that angel’s Day is a special holiday. The name day is called the day of remembrance of the Saint, which is named in honor of the people.

Every Orthodox Christian is the name of the Saint after whom it is named. The name chosen for the Church calendar, each day of which is dedicated to the memory of a Saint.

After the sacrament of Holy baptism, the name of which is chosen the baptized child or adult, becomes his heavenly patron.

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