Chinese scientist announced the birth of the world’s first GMO children

He Cisangkuy announced the birth of twin girls with altered DNA.

According to the researcher, the DNA of embryos was modified using the powerful new tool. He Cisangkuy claims that newborns possess the ability to resist the viruses of HIV and AIDS.

The study involved 7 pairs, but only one of them had children with modified DNA. Feature pairs was the fact that the fathers were HIV-positive and the mother healthy. Identity pairs were not disclosed, and the result of the study has not yet been published.

The scientist chose to edit the genes of embryos for resistance to HIV infection because these infections are a big problem in China. Many of the world’s scientific staff has criticized the study and called it a “brazen experiment on people” and stated that conclusions about the success of the project to do yet.

Previously he Cisangkuy conducted experiments on changing the DNA of monkeys and mice. At the moment he applied for a patent for his new methods.