CISSSO seeks half a million masks

The need for protective medical equipment is almost global. Quebec is in the same boat as the rest of the world and is also looking for millions of masks, visors, gloves and protective gowns. In the region, the need for N-95 masks has been estimated at around half a million units by the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSSO), Le Droit learned from reliable sources.
T he supply service of the establishment believes that it needs 500,000 masks to get through the acute phase of the health crisis, the peak of which is expected in mid-April in Quebec. According to our information, the CISSSO is also looking for approximately 10,000 protective visors for its front-line employees.

Two weeks

In his daily meeting with the press, Monday, the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, said that the province had the equivalent of 13 days of N-95 masks, 14 days of nitrile gloves, ten at most days of procedural masks and not more than six days of protective gowns.

“We had a shipment [N-95] from Mexico over the weekend which was very welcome for our needs in Quebec,” said Mr. Legault. I know that there are cargoes for the federal government to distribute that have been delayed. I must say that I am happy that the federal government takes into account the needs. There are two provinces, because of the large cities of Toronto and Montreal, which have more needs, all things considered, because of their population, and the federal government takes this into account. But it’s tight here, it’s tight in Ontario, and it’s sometimes difficult to have deliveries. ”

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