Cocoa with Buzova: in the new show the singer will replace the people’s therapist

Какай вместе с Бузовой: в новом шоу певица потеснит народного врача-терапевта

The Internet is full of rumors that Olga Buzova allegedly fired from the TV channel TNT in retaliation for her unacceptable behavior. Information began to appear immediately after it in pace left the Seychelles, while being clearly in a depressed state. According to sources, knows that imagines himself the presenter crossed the line and introduced myself to the Queen of the “House-2”.

Какай вместе с Бузовой: в новом шоу певица потеснит народного врача-терапевта

They say that Olga often scandals with the participants, and therefore during installation it is necessary to cut out a lot of obscene scenes. If the rumors really are true, the singer will have to find some other source of income. The desire to disappear from television screens at Buzova not exactly disappear, but to live it got used in a big way. For this reason, allow for the likelihood that it can take the place of the people’s therapist Elena malyshevoy, which became for many a valuable Advisor, especially in terms of health.

Какай вместе с Бузовой: в новом шоу певица потеснит народного врача-терапевта

Perhaps Buzova will open its like a show that will give her the opportunity to remain at the hearing, and will also help to get closer to the public. What direction will choose the artist is unknown and we can only guess, especially considering that the singer almost did not know how. Cooking shows are definitely out – the actress eats in restaurants, and at home it is only enough for a sandwich and tea. Netizens have often noticed that Buzova pretty well to remove stories in great detail to paint what she had to work at a specific time. Fans making fun of the singer and even invited her to open their show called “Cocoa with Buzova”.

We will remind, earlier it was noted that fans have suspected Alla Pugacheva disease, because her appearance has caused some concern. To a question the celebrity told that the reason many concerts, old age, and diabetes.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol has published a video on his hit single “hight Power”, which quickly gained popularity. Fans delighted as the composition itself and the image of the performer.

Also “Znayu” wrote that in the last edition of the show the Voice Potap get his team two more members and now in his camp for 9 people.

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