Complete failure: Nokia 9 PureView disappointed fans

Полный провал: Nokia 9 PureView разочаровал фанатов

Nokia 9 PureView

The network revealed the results of recent testing of its flagship smartphone Nokia 9 PureView in the benchmark Geekbench. The date on the results of a very recent and shows the final characteristics of the smartphone, which is unlikely to change before the announcement. However, the tests simply disappointed real fans Nokia. Millions of users were waiting for top-end smartphone from the company, but the result was not as steep as had been expected.

Полный провал: Nokia 9 PureView разочаровал фанатов

In the tests used apparatus on the basis of last year’s single-chip system Snapdragon 845. Though the probability of a transition to a more modern Snapdragon 855 was extremely small, but some enthusiasts continued to hope. As we have seen, these hopes are not destined to come true.

Smartphone also got 6 GB of RAM and operating system Android 9 Pie. Recall that the announcement of the smartphone shifted several times, and in the beginning it all had to appear on the shelves in 2018. Apparently, this was the main mistake of the company, because the smartphone is now not able to boast performance.

Полный провал: Nokia 9 PureView разочаровал фанатов

The official debut is expected at the event HMD Global, February 24, the opening of the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019.

Recall that the premium smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 will receive a Mix of amazing features. There is no doubt that the filling would be the flagship, but the highlight of the device will be its camera. It is reported that she will be retractable, but will differ from existing analogues. However, the price while to speak early, as the release date.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple will unveil new version of MacBook Pro 2019. It is reported that he will get 32 GB of RAM, which is a very large figure. However, to work with video editing that’s enough.

Znayu wrote that in the official Windows store again found the viruses. Now everyone who wants to install the application on your computer from the Microsoft store can be trapped by hackers.

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