Conservatives: Erin O’Toole wants vote postponed to elect leader

The candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Erin O’Toole, adds his voice to those who ask for the postponement of the vote scheduled for June 27.
M . O’Toole, a former Stephen Harper minister, believes that all Canadians must focus on fighting COVID-19, including his own campaign team, party members of parliament and members of the grassroots.

In a video released on Sunday, he called on his supporters to devote their resources to the needs of the community.

“I am not leaving the race, in fact I think we will win it, but I suggest that we put the needs of our citizens first,” he said.

O’Toole is the second of the four remaining candidates to demand that the Conservative leadership race be suspended.

Late last week, Ontario MP Derek Sloan called for extending all deadlines, including April 17 to recruit new members, and March 25 to meet eligibility requirements.

By March 25, candidates must pay $ 300,000 and submit 3000 signatures to be entered on the ballot.

Mr. O’Toole, Mr. Sloan, a lawyer from Toronto, Leslyn Lewis, and former Conservative Minister Peter MacKay have already met these requirements.

MacKay’s organization said in a press release that it was the first to suspend campaign meetings. She says she continues to court members using technical means. According to her, the decision to suspend the race belongs to the party.

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M me Lewis said Sunday she did not think that the race had to be canceled until the organizing committee decided it was logistically impossible. According to her, the party needs a leader who will be put to the test.

“The next leader of our party will have to show leadership at a time when Canada is still in a valley of tears created by this pandemic,” she said in a statement. The way you lead and run a campaign in times of crisis is very revealing of how you can lead the party, and more importantly, our country in times of crisis. ”

MP Marilyn Gladu is continuing her efforts to meet the March 25 deadline, even though she asked for a postponement of the vote two weeks ago.

Another candidate, Rick Peterson, dropped out of the race last week, citing the impossibility of obtaining funds and the support of party members, at a time when people are more concerned with practical matters, not with the Politics.

Rudy Husny, whose name still remains on the candidate list, stopped his campaign, even challenging the party to disqualify him.

In an interview with The Canadian Press late last week, current party leader Andrew Scheer declined to comment when asked if the poll should take place on schedule.

According to him, the national party council and the election organizing committee are aware of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

“As you can imagine in a leadership race, changing the rules, deadlines or dates can have major ramifications,” he said. We attach great importance to the establishment of fair rules for all. ”

The organizing committee has made some minor changes to the leadership contest: the debates scheduled for April will be held behind closed doors, and online portals have been set up to facilitate membership applications.

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